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Below is a list of relevant websites, many of which are for organisations set up to support and advocate for underrepresented groups in the industry. 

This is not a comprehensive list and is designed to highlight some of the great work happening elsewhere on the topic. Many of these resources have their own lists of other websites, which we encourage you to explore. 


We will continue to add to this list during and after the conference. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for other resources to include. 

Audio Engineering Society (AES) Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The AES Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to ensure diversity in the AES worldwide and the audio industry as a whole by improving accessibility, welcoming diverse genres, embracing emergent audio fields and research, and radiating inclusiveness to all races, gender and gender identities, physical abilities, ages, and nationalities.

Alliance for Women Film Composers

Community of composers and colleagues who strive to support and celebrate the work of women composers through advocacy and education.

Blue Collar Post Collective

Grassroots initiative supporting emerging talent in post production.

EQL Directory

Powered by SoundGirls in partnership with Spotify, The EQL Directory seeks to bring the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender nonconforming people. 

Feminist Sound Collectives

List of groups set up by Liz Dobson with a specific focus on providing knowledge, information, skills and network sharing opportunities, offered formally or informally through events or online resources specifically established for women, non-binary and trans people.

Guild of Music Supervisors (UK & Europe)

Organisation raising awareness and understanding of the role of a music supervisor within the entertainment and media industries.

International Alliance for Women in Music

International membership organization of women and men dedicated to fostering and encouraging the activities of women in music.

Leslie Gaston-Bird, Women in Audio (Routledge, 2020)

Women in Audio features almost 100 profiles and stories of audio engineers who are women and have achieved success throughout the history of the trade. Beginning with a historical view, the book covers the achievements of women in various audio professions and then focuses on organizations that support and train women and girls in the industry. 

POC in Audio Directory

Directory of over 500 people of color who work in audio around the world.


A supportive community for women in audio and music production, providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further their careers.

UK Post Sound Collective

Aims to provide practical industry advice for anyone in the UK who identifies as a woman, is trans or non-binary and/or is Black or from an ethnic minority and is interested in a career in Sound Editing or Sound Mixing for TV and Feature Films.

Women Film Pioneers Project

Scholarly resource exploring women’s global involvement at all levels of film production during the silent film era.

Women’s Film and Television History Network

A group of researchers, teachers, archivists, collections managers, students, professionals, and enthusiasts engaged in exploring the contributions women have made to the emergence and development of film and television.

Women in Music

Non-profit working to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition.

The Women’s International Music Network (The WiMN)

Organisation connecting women working in all facets of the music industry.

Yorkshire Sound Women Network

YSWN enables the artistic and technical development of women and girls through access to resources, skills sharing, and collaborative opportunities. Through its network YSWN provides strong, skilled and professional role models who actively encourage women and girls to participate and develop skills in sound and music digital technology. Their meetings are open to all women and non-binary, agender and gender variant people. 

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